Let’s Make
IoT Visible

Developing and deploying large scale IoT solutions calls for an OS you can trust. Made for developers, FullpageOS takes the stress out of your IoT web displays so you can focus on your customers and operations.

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IoT Displays Done Right

OTOT FullPageOS is the cost-effective solution for displaying web apps on screens.

Built for Raspberry Pi. Run web apps in full screen Chromium on a 5V mini computer that costs only $35.


Professionally built solution by Linux experts who are making the right choices for a secure, resilient and scalable system.


We are currently working on a cutting edge cloud solution that allows you to manage a network of IoT dashboard displays from anywhere.


With 50,000 installations worldwide, 2500 stars on Github and more than 100 forks, FullPageOS has a living and vibrant community.

Who uses FullPageOS?

Use FullPageOS to create a personal project, display your latest Google Slides presentations or monitor your IoT experiment output.

Solution Providers

FullPageOS is open-source and well maintained as the leading full screen Chromium solution for Raspberry Pi. Let us help you service your customers’ needs.


Bring digital displays your workplace and clients with our easy plug and play system. Deploy realtime information screens the easy way.

FullPageOS has a huge following and many contributors on Github.
Control a network of FullPageOS screens from the cloud with our experimental cloud system.
We are working on a ground breaking solution that scales up to millions of screens. Like IoT? Join!