The open-source, always up to date full screen Chromium on Raspberry Pi.

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FullPageOS is the brainchild of Guy Sheffer and Tailor Vijay.
First project collaborators: Ilana Hakim and Yariv Gilad (Ajar).

Initially, we developed it for video device purposes, during a MeteorJS hackathon, then published it to Github.

Following the amazing following and community feedback we received on Github, we started improving it. Guy Sheffer programmed a base distribution builder called CustomPiOS, which allows makers to create their own Linux distributions for Raspberry Pi, with their own use cases in mind. FullPageOS is now a variant of CustomPiOS as well.

FullPageOS lets you display web apps (dashboards) in full screen. The setup process is super easy and the result is a very stable, always up to date, full screen browser on top of Raspberry Pi.